UAV Photography & Video

Westguard Solutions was one of the first companies in the U.S. to receive FAA Section 333 Exemption authorizing us to fly UAV (drones) for commercial photography and videography. Our DJI Inspire 1 aircrafts are capable of taking 4K video up to a legal altitude of 400ft.

Our aircrafts are equipped with live video feeds back to our ground station. Using this feature you can have as much input as you require over the entire operation, ensuring you get the shot you are looking for. We offer single or dual operator with separate camera operator depending on your budget and requirements.

Our cameras are coupled to state of the art gimbals, keeping the cameras stable and level, even in winds up to 20 mph.

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As the CEO of leading UK brand,, I can attribute my time working with Mark Westguard and Westguard Solutions as not only one of the most productive and instrumental periods of my career but also one of the most enjoyable.

Westguard Solutions helped us to revolutionize the way corporations plan and source their events in London by building and devising an exceedingly sophisticated web-based platform, incorporating a highly advanced (yet easy to use) CMS/CRM whilst simultaneously designing a popular, user-friendly interface for the target use-base.

- Will Broome

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