Healthcare System Improves Employee Engagement With New Internal Communications Platform

Lack of effective communication between staff and management is the number one mistake companies make in managing their employees. Having a highly effective means of communicating with staff can make companies more likely to have highly engaged employees, as well as less employee turnover.

Westguard Solutions was approached by Ochsner Health System to address this challenge by developing an easy-to-use online tool that can quickly push information to their staff.

The solution was a single point of access that provides tools for communicating in various ways to staff, including email, emergency SMS messages, screensavers, and a flexible event management system that often deals with over 17,000 invitees at a time.

New hire information is automatically added to the system to ensure they are added to the communication pool within a matter of hours. That same automation provides the Internal Communications team with the ability to effectively target segments of recipients by criteria such as job class or location. This level of automation has saved time and removed data entry error typically inherent when dealing with duplicate databases.

Westguard also ensured that email communications were guaranteed to make it to a staff member’s inbox, a challenge that other third party email platforms often encounter because email is inadvertently classified as spam. This alone has significantly increased open rates on internal communications and improved staff engagement in all manner of communications. Emails are also monitored to provide statistics to upper management on delivery and open rates.

Event management on any scale is always a significant challenge. Westguard moved Ochsner’s event management practices to a custom online platform that now provides staff with an easy to use interface for RSVPing to events. The system provides invitees with the ability to RSVP for multi-day, multi-session events, plus the ability to respond to any number of questions such as whether an invitee requires bus transportation. This improved event management procedure has significantly increased the efficiency of event organization and reduced costs. Reporting is critical when it comes to event management and the system developed by Westguard provides a wealth of CSV exports intended for the various functions of an event, such as catering or transportati犀利士
on vendors.

Ochsner also identified screensavers as a key communications opportunity on computers around their campuses. Westguard developed a custom screensaver application that enables their internal communications team to rapidly push new screensaver content within a matter of minutes. Ochsner uses this system to communicate news such as staff appreciation and upcoming events.

And it doesn’t stop there. Westguard continues to be a close partner with Ochsner in developing new solutions to improve communication throughout the organization.

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