At Westguard Solutions we provide common sense web solutions that drive customers to your business.

Entrusting your brand online with a company is a big decision. Today, your website should be an extension of your marketing team. It is an extremely valuable asset that should be given as much attention as you give your offline marketing activities, if not more.

What has traditionally made that difficult for many companies is the lack of transparency about the work involved to design, produce, maintain and market a website effectively.

It is possible to build a website in hundreds of different ways and still achieve the same finished look. But what you can’t see can hurt you. Sites built using poor or dated techniques can be hard to market, manage and monitor.

Your understanding of how a website should be built is important, and our job is to provide you with that knowledge in a jargon free manner.

We believe in providing an honest, value-for-money service that ensures our clients’ web solutions are world class.

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